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e-Channels ( ATM/Credit Card/ Debit Card/E-Banking)


Phishing it is an attempt to 'fish' for your banking details. Phishing could be an e-mail that appears to be from a known institution like banks / a popular website.
Please note that Banks will never ask for confidential data like login and transaction password, One Time Password (OTP), Unique Reference No. (URN), etc.


How Phisher Fish:

  • Phishers sets up a replica page of a known financial institution or a popular shopping website
  • Bulk e-mails are sent to users asking for their personal data like account details, passwords etc
  • When the user clicks on the link, the replica of the website will open. Or while the user is online, a form will populate through a pop-up window
  • If a user gets hooked and enters personal information on the replica page, the data goes to phishers. Post which the user is redirected to the genuine website

Phishers use a combination of email phishing, vishing (voice phishing) and smishing (SMS phishing) to get customer details like account no., login ID, login and transaction password, mobile no., address, credit card no., CVV no., PAN, date of birth, mother's maiden name, passport no.,

How to identify a Phishing attempt?

  • Unsolicited emails, calls from strangers or websites asking for confidential banking details.
  • Messages asking for urgent action due to security reasons.
  • Links received in emails to access known websites.
  • To check the actual website, roll the cursor over the link or check for https:// where "s" stands for 'secure site'.

Click and paste the following link for detailed information on what to do if you have given out personal information: http://www.jkbank.net/grievance.php





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