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  • Corporate Social Responsibility The Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) of the J&K Bank seeks to recognize obligations towards society and aims to integrate the CSR ideals into its mission for optimizing both business and social performance
  • CSR Policy With the objective of promoting the philanthropic activities, other social and environmental issues, the bank has a CSR policy in place embodying the broader principles for providing donations
  • CSR programmes Poverty Alleviation Programme
    Environmental Excellence Programme
    Education For All Programme

  Corporate Social Responsibilty

  CSR Aspect of the Bank
  • As a responsible institution, J&K Bank is committed to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). The bank aims to instill a sense of relief and protection among the most vulnerable sections of society through its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policy. The bank identifies key responsibility areas towards the society and seeks to assimilate the CSR ideals into its mission for optimizing its social performance.

    FY 2014-15 witnessed unprecedented floods in J&K State that left devastation of colossal magnitude in its wake. J&K Bank, being the premiere flagship company of the state, rose to the occasion with matching ardor and aid to meet its obligations as a socially relevant institution, its vision of “People’s Empowerment through Servant Leadership” and the expectations of the public at large.

    Throughout the crisis situation J&K Bank, through its CSR plan, contributed immensely towards the comprehensive relief and rehabilitation of the flood affected people across the state.

    Meanwhile, J&K Bank retained its collective focus on activities for the larger community welfare through CSR initiatives concentrating on people and their health, environment, education and society at large.


Major CSR activities in the year 2014-15

    Relief and Rehabilitation of the flood affected people across the J&K State.

Rising to the occasion, J&K Bank was the first organization to provide relief to the people affected by devastating September floods that  hit  the  state  in  FY 2014-15. Notably,  the  Bank contributed  Rs. 5.00 Crores towards J&K Flood Relief Fund for being partners in providing succor to the people of the state in rebuilding their shattered dwellings.

Shortly, after the floods the Bank donated 500  tents to the flood  hit  families.  Under its major  rehabilitation  package, around 23000 kits comprising of blankets, water purifiers, hot water bottles & solar lamps were also distributed  among the people as a relief measure.

The bank also facilitated  distribution of medicines and food packets among the flood hit people at various locations of the state. This major CSR activity was undertaken under a reactive project called, “HUM HAIN SAATH SAATH”

After the floods, the bank also organized mega health camps at various locations to provide health advisory and free medicines to the affected people


    Education For All Programme

Education, as means to socio-economic empowerment, receives a substantial part of the Bank’s CSR funds. Disability, as we know, is probably one of the least understood and accepted conditions in the society which believes that everything not normal is abnormal. Thus, to ensure equal opportunities and dignity to persons with ‘special abilities’ require efforts, awareness and mobilization besides addressing their basic medical needs. In this regard, the Bank has adopted more than hundred Children having multiple disabilities under the project “MUSKAAN”, so as to take care of their all-round development. Under the Project, the bank has engaged the professional services of leading NGOs like Voluntary Medicare Society, Chhotey Taarey Foundation and Humanity welfare Organization Bijbehara.

Apart from basic education, need-based knowledge, consultation and supplementary training, these children are provided with life skills, computer training and / or arts and crafts which would further become a source of employment for them. These learning techniques or classes not only give them a platform to boost their confidence but also act as avenues for development of cognitive, physical and socio-emotional skills along with improved chances for livelihood.

Moreover, under “promotion of education”, the Bank has adopted 30 under privileged children in association with a leading NGO CHINAR through RCSP programme.

    Special Project

During the year 2014-15, the Bank identified a project, with a leading Delhi based NGO Child Rights and You (CRY) through a local project partner KOSHISH, to meet the nutritional, health and educational needs of the children of forty (40) far flung areas/villages of three Districts of Srinagar, Budgam & Ganderbal.

On the basis of baseline research, the overall number of children to be covered under the project is 9224 in 5100 Households. Project is likely to have a long-term impact in the society with particular reference to under-privileged children in their survival, participation, development and protection. In view of contents of the project, it has been named as “KOSHISH”.


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