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  • NRI Banking Avail our NRI Banking, so that you can afford multiple and varied options of NRI accounts
  • NRO Rupee Deposits NRO-SB account can be opened by remittance from abroad or by legitimate dues in Rupees of the account holder in India. The existing domestic account of the Resident gets converted to NRO Account on their taking up business, employment
  • Remittance from Abroad A deposit plan that provides standard banking facilities such as Cheque book, provision for nomination and other remittance facilities and also allows repatriation of entire funds.
  • Open a NRI Deposit Account A deposit plan that provides standard banking facilities such as Cheque book, provision for nomination and other remittance facilities and also allows repatriation of entire funds.

 NRE Rupee Deposits


   NRE Savings Account

  A deposit plan that provides standard banking facilities such as Cheque book, provision for nomination and other remittance facilities and also allows repatriation of entire funds.

  • Account can be opened through instruments such as Demand Drafts, Wire transfers etc. in freely convertible currencies.

  • Account can also be opened by tendering Foreign Currency Notes,Travelers Cheques etc during your personal visit to India.

  • Local Rupee Cheques (drawn in India) etc. & cash in Rupees cannot be deposited in this account.

  • The Account can be opened jointly with other NRIs

  • Minimum deposit of Rs. 1000 and Average Quarterly Balance of Rs. 2500 only

  • Entire Funds including interests are fully repatriable.

  • Offers remittance facilities through RTGS and NEFT within India and through SWIFT to outside India.

  • Nomination Facility available

  • Personal Cheque Book Facility with cheques payable on all Anywhere Branches of the bank.

  • Interest payable at half yearly basis (September & March).

  • The principal and interest earned is fully tax exempted.

  Add-on Facilities
  • Internet Banking facility for viewing account statements and funds transfer.

  • Free Global Access Debit Card to account holder or for his assigned holder

  • Account Operations allowed through Letter of Mandate or POA holder in India.

  • Safe Deposit Locker facility available.

  • Free Monthly Statements over e-mail.

  Top (Conditions Apply)

  NRE Fixed Deposits
  A Term Deposit plan that provides for payment of Interest on quarterly basis with option of reinvestment. The plan offers renewal of deposits and the option of repatriation of proceeds in the currency of your own choice.

  Key Features
  • Account can be opened by Inward remittances in any convertible currency from abroad through normal banking channels by way of:

    • Demand drafts, Telegraphic Transfers, Mail Transfers, SWIFT

    • Foreign Currency Notes/Travelers cheques (during your personal visit) as well as transfer from any non-resident
      (External) Rupee Savings & Fixed Deposit account or Foreign Currency Non Resident deposit Account.

  • Deposits can be placed for periods ranging from 1 year to 3 years.

  • Repatriation of these deposits and interest allowed freely in Foreign Currency at a place of your choice.

  • “Best in the Industry” Interest rates coupled with convertibility.

  • Option for Reinvestment (cumulative interest) Plan and Quarterly Interest Plan.

  • Interest paid/credited (in case of cumulative deposit) every Quarter (i.e. March, June, September & December).

  • Premature withdrawal for the purpose of renewal at better interest rate permitted without penalty clause on demand (conditions apply).

  • Interest and balances are exempted from tax.

  Add-on Facilities
  • Automatic renewal on due date for minimum maturity of 1 year, in the absence of specific instructions.

  • Loans against deposits subject to a maximum of Rs. 20 lacs in Indian Rupees available on easy terms.

  • Payment of proceeds in the currency of your choice.

  • Safe Deposit Locker facility available.

  • Provision for nomination.

  Non Resident External (NRE) (RUPEE) Accounts can be opened as recurring and current accounts as well.


  Useful Information - NRE Rupee Deposits

  Permissible Credits
  • Proceeds of remittances received from abroad in freely convertible currency through normal banking channels.

  • Proceeds of personal cheques drawn by you on your foreign currency account and bank drafts payable in any permitted currency including instruments expressed in Indian rupees for which reimbursement will be received in foreign currency, deposited by you in person during your temporary visit to India.

  • Proceeds of Foreign Currency Notes and Traveler’s Cheques of the Account holder during his personal visit to India, provided the amount was declared on CDF where FC notes exceed USD 5000 or equivalent and FC notes and Traveler cheques exceed in aggregate USD $ 10,000 or equivalent.

  • Transfers from other NRE/FCNR accounts.

  • Interest accruing on the funds held in the account.

  • Interest on Government securities and dividend on units of mutual funds, provided the securities/units were purchased by debit to your NRE/FCNR account or out of inward remittance through normal banking channels.

  • Any other credit covered under General or Special Permission granted by the Reserve Bank of India.

  Permissible Debits
  • Local disbursements.

  • Remittances outside India.

  • Transfer to NRE/FCNR accounts of the account holder or any other person eligible to maintain such account.

  • Investment in shares/securities /commercial paper of an Indian company or for purchase of immovable property in India provided such investment/purchase is covered by the regulations made, or the general/special permission granted, by the Reserve Bank.

  • Any other transaction if covered under general or special permission granted by the Reserve Bank.

  How to Open Deposit Accounts


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