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  J&K Bank gives warm send-off to Executive President
  Srinagar, 28 Feb 2013         


J&K Bank today gave a warm send off to one of its top most officers Tafazal Hussain, who retired as the Bank's Executive President.
Chairman and CEO Mr. Mushtaq Ahmad along with Executive President Parvez Ahmad, Presidents, Vice-presidents and other senior officers of the Bank attended the farewell.
With a wide-ranging experience as a prudent banker in operations, fund management, financial services, Insurance, technology and risk management, he served the Bank for over three decades in different capacities rising between the ranks to one of the top posts in the Bank.
Chairman Mr. Mushtaq Ahmad commended role of Tafazal Hussain as exemplary in the remarkable journey of Bank.
He said, "For institutions to achieve excellence, inspiring leadership has always been the leading factor responsible. Tafazal has been one of those factors in the growth story of this Bank for long.
Now the younger officers have to shoulder greater responsibility to carry the legacy forward, he added.
Speaking at the function Tafazal Hussain said, "With immense gratitude this long and eventful journey of over three decades is coming to an end. Whatever I have learned and earned during these memorable years of my life have mostly been possible because of this Bank.
More importantly, I take with me many wonderful friendships and fond memories of shared achievements. And a heart full of gratitude for the people who stood by me in difficult and in good times".
Extending gratitude to his colleagues and friends in the Bank, he said, "I thank all of for your kindness, support, and a wonderful thirty seven years.
May God bless you and always keep you inspired, he prayed.


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